Season Change Dress
Recycled rubber tires, staples, fabric, thread, 2010

Seasons play a role in both the work of fashion designer Mattijs van Bergen and landscape architect Anouk Vogel. The tempo at which van Bergen produces his collections is determined by the dynamics of the fashion industry, whereas Vogel's living work endures the seasons in various forms. Devised from used bicycle inner tubes, the dress's dahlia-like surface is the result of myriad individual vases that can hold water. Depending on the type of flowers used and how they're positioned, the appearance of the dress can change radically. When worn on its own, the dress possesses its own innate beauty, offering an empty canvas for a lifetime of shifting looks.

Design: Mattijs van Bergen and Anouk Vogel
Commissioner: Architecture Centre Amsterdam
Colour photography: Hermanna Prinsen
Black & white photography: Marnix Postma
Make-up & hair: Dennis Michael for Ellis Fass Cosmetics